Quality Policy Statement - ISO 9001:2015


The Directors provide evidence of their commitment to the development, implementation and continual improvement to the Quality system by the establishment of a Practice Policy and Practice Strategy which are reviewed at an annual management review meeting, ensuring Quality objectives are met.


The Directors ensure that Client requirements are determined and discussed at inception prior to appointment in order to enhance customer satisfaction.


The Directors of Naylor & Devlin are conscious of the need to:

  • ​Achieve, sustain and improve the actual quality of services provided in a manner that will continually meet the stated need of the Practices’ Clients in a cost effective way. 
  • Provide a documented assurance to Clients that the intended level of service will be, is being and has been achieved.
  • Establish and maintain a commitment to continual improvement in Quality Performance, Objectives and Targets which comply with relevant legislation and in-house programmes in order to pursue quality of service.​​

To achieve these objectives the Directors of Naylor & Devlin have decided to implement a Quality System conforming to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 as detailed in the Quality System Policy Manual.​

The Quality System will be used by all staff on all commissions, where Surveying Services are provided by Naylor & Devlin.  The Directors delegate the task of developing the Quality System to the Quality System Manager and its implementation to all staff.

​Compliance with the requirements of the documented Quality System is mandatory for all staff.