Environmental Management System Policy

Naylor & Devlin is a private firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Cost Consultancy, Project Management, Construction Design Management Co-Ordination, Land Surveying, Expert Witness services, amongst others.

Naylor & Devlin is committed to the achievement of good environmental practice throughout its business activities. Naylor & Devlin, 95 Malone Avenue, Belfast wholly endorses this corporate priority and maintains the following objectives:

  • To achieve compliance levels for all legislative, regulatory and industry requirements related to environmental issues that are applicable to Naylor & Devlin.
  • To provide and maintain buildings, equipment and working systems that shall ensure protection for the environment and to prevent pollution.

The key points of its strategy to do so are:

  • minimising waste by evaluating office operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible;
  • actively promoting recycling;
  • endeavor to save energy for heating and lighting by various controls and integrating energy characteristics into purchasing procedures;
  • sourcing products to minimise the environmental impact;
  • to encourage more fuel efficient driving;
  • commenting on items specified by Architects/Designers with a view to green issues, e.g. natural stone, sources of timber etc., to influence specifications.
  • To provide training and education for all employees on relevant matters of environmental protection and best practice. These are focused on our identified significant aspects.
  • Top management shall demonstrate leadership and commitment to environmental protection principles.
  • Top Management will set and review objectives and targets for continual improvement of the Company’s environmental performance on an annual basis.

Naylor & Devlin has developed an Environmental Management System using the ISO 14001 framework, an internationally recognised Environmental Standard.

Naylor & Devlin communicates the Company’s environmental policy via the website at www.naylordevlin.com and on request information on performance to employees and stakeholders, including the public.

This Policy shall be enforced by the internal EMS Representative and shall be subject to annual review by the Company Director.